Friday, 9 September 2016

Mise en Scene

The Dark Knight interrogation scene

  • The characters are positioned with little distance between them; this shows that, although they are at conflict with each other, their personalities and actions are similar in the way that they are both dark, fear inducing characters.

  • The lamp in the centre of the shot, the white brick wall and the one-way mirror in the background instantly let the audience know that the scene is set in an interrogation room; this is due to these things being common stereotypes for this setting. However, the two characters that are unusually placed in this setting, as appose to men in suits, present the fantasy aspect of this film.

  • The straight angle used for this scene shows how the two characters are equal in power, despite their situation. It also backs up the point that the two characters have similar personalities.

  • Despite the range of colours used on the left-hand character, this scene contains little to no bright or vibrant colours, mostly dark greys, blues and black. This presents the aspect of darkness and evil of the film.

  • Artificial high key lighting is used in this scene despite the sense of evil and darkness presented throughout the film. This unusual lighting is used to present how abnormal the characters shown are