Thursday, 15 September 2016

My Representation

Channel 4 - Find your tribe

After taking the Find Your Tribe quiz, I found that channel 4 would label me as a 'Townie', placing me in the 'Mainstream' tribe. The description stated that 'I am a contented soul that loves my friends and family', I agree with this because I do enjoy being with my friends and spending time with my family at home, I would also say that I am generally a happy person. It also states that I enjoy 'hanging out locally', and that I'm 'often happiest at the pub or the park', I partially agree with this because I do enjoy hanging out with my friends or partaking in sports at the local park, however, I do not spend a lot of time in the pub or hanging around town. Finally, the description stated that I enjoy watching 'reality TV with my best mates', I completely disagree with this as I'm not interested in reality television and I don't watch programs or films with my friends very often in general.

After considering the aspects of the five tribes, I agree with the Find Your Tribe quiz and believe that I would fall into the 'Mainstream' tribe as I enjoy listening to electronic dance and tropical house music, I also like to wear clothes created by commonly seen designers. However, I also believe that I would fall under the aspirant tribe as I see myself as a creative person; I think this because I enjoy creating digital art and taking photographs in my spare time.

Figures in the media

Many of the aspects of my life and personality are presented by popular figures in the media. Although I don't spent a large amount of time watching content creators on YouTube, I believe that I am similar to Jack Howard, a popular YouTuber, in multiple ways. One of these ways is that Jack Howard has a very sarcastic and comedic personality, I believe that I also have this trait. Jack enjoys watching films, social media and technological gadgets; I believe that I am similar to him in this way because I constantly use social media to keep up-to-date with the media and news, I am a large fan of electronics and technological devices and because I also enjoy watching and learning about films. Finally, I present myself similarly to Jack Howard in a visual sense as we share similar modern hairstyles and we both wear popularly branded clothes.

I don't tend to model my look on any media figures, I mainly wear clothes that are classed as popular or 'mainstream' as I believe that the styles and patterns look good and I feel generally good while wearing them; this is because they're accepted and considered to be 'cool' by society and the media.

How I represent myself

These are the general clothes that I wear on an everyday basis:

I wear these clothes because I find them comfortable and casual. I mostly wear brightly patterned t-shirts as I like the colours and pictures and plain jeans to create a strong contrast but still avoiding clashes. I like to wear sport-like trainers as they are comfortable, 'cool' and because I do a lot of walking or running.

These are the gadgets and accessories that I wear and have on a daily basis:

I use and carry around a smartphone that allows me to access the internet, use social media, take photographs, contact friends and family, and literally millions of other things. I wear a Microsoft smartwatch that connects to my Microsoft smartphone so that I can see messages, fitness details and the time without having to take my phone out of my pocket. This smartwatch also makes me look 'cool' as they are very popular and 'flashy'. Finally, I wear two wristbands with my smartwatch because I like the small amount of individuality they give me; I also generally like what they look like.