Friday, 18 November 2016

Ex_Machina - Marketing

Ex_Machina was marketed using multiple different techniques that helped to build up anticipation for it during the production process. This is a list of the different techniques used:
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Trailers / Teaser Trailers
  • Posters


Three official internet sites were designed and created to market and present Ex_Machina:

  • Official website // Consists of a modernistic single long page containing the trailer, reviews, a synopsis of the story, and the cast and crew; each section scrolled through enters with a contemporary animation. The opening section of the website contains animated geometric triangles that can be interacted with using the mouse pointer, also, a song from the film's soundtrack is played while the website is in use. This modern and interactive website links with the technological theme of the film.

  • Ava Sessions // Opens with a short conversation with 'Ava' through text that leads to the user either selecting a photo from their computer or using the webcam to take a picture that Ava will 'draw' in a similar style to how she draws in the film. This immersive website allows the audience to feel connected with the characters in the film, therefore increasing the chance of them wanting to watch it. This website also includes a contemporary animated user interface that links with the theme of the film.

  • BlueBook // Opens with the text entering by a modernistic animation, another song from the film's soundtrack, and similarly animated geometric triangles that can be interacted with using the mouse pointer. This website is supposed to represent the search engine that the character Nathan programmed and produced in the film. This website immerses the audience into the story of the film and positions them to suggest that the technological aspects of the film are genuinely possible.

Social Media

An incredible free marketing technique was used to attract attention to Ex_Machina. This technique was a Tinder campaign, where the producers of the film created a Tinder account for Ava and started using it to flirtatiously converse with a man. Due to this marketing act being performed during the popular 'indie' convention South By South West (SXSW), it attracted a lot of attention from the film's target audience. This unique marketing ploy got the film into the mainstream press.


The official trailer for Ex_Machina was released close to the date of the official release of the film to show a sneak preview of various shots and scenes; this gave detail about the film but not enough to give away too much, therefore increasing the anticipation and audience.


Multiple posters were produced to market Ex_Machina; these posters were well designed in a contemporary and futuristic manner. This style of poster attracted a large audience as they use techniques that are included in posters created for most popular films today.